CrazyDogTshirts and NachoMamaTshirts Review
            CrazyDogTshirts is  a company that got started as a college project at Ithaca College by a guy named Bill.  He worked out of his basment for 2 years before renting space in Rochester NY and having his business take off.  The company now has a 7000 Square foot space and is run by only 9 People!
            This company carries a wide array of shirts from funny Tshirts to Vintage Tshirts all the way to offensive tshirts and vintage tshirts. They also will allow you to design your own Tshirt. How cool is that!


                                                          Girls Tshirts
                                                         Dunder Mifflin


             I was lucky enough to get to choose one tshirt from both companies to review. It took me about 2 days to finally narrow it down to just two but I chose the shirts you see pictured above. I received these shirts about two days after I picked them out! I hate waiting on packages to arrive so the fast delivery was a great perk for these companies. I ordered both of these in XL which is a size bigger than I would usually order but the sizing chart helped me pick the correct size I needed the first time without having to send them back for a different size.
            There was a small tear in the keep calm shirt probably due to the rough handling of the mail service but I contacted customer service and they gladly sent me out a replacement shirt with no problems. Good customer service is very important to me in a company and these companies are all about the customer.
            “At CrazyDog, our goal is simple…best Customer Service, Best Products,             Best Day Ever.  Think we can improve on something?  Let us know!  Have a question?  Need order information?  Looking for a new BFF and some  crappy advice on how to ask out that boy in your class?  We’ve got you covered with Customer Service reps that can get it all done for you!”
            These shirts fit well and feel super soft on your skin. I also washed them in cold water with my other clothes and there was no fading of the color or design. I put them through the dryer and there was also no shrinkage in the size and they just got softer. It reminded me of your favorite Tshirt that you have wore a million times and now has that nice worn in feel.
            I would highly suggest the shirts to anyone for gifts or for you.  They are great quality and you can find a great shirt at any price point. The shipping is fast and the customer service is great should you have any problems. 

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